It begins here.

Victoria. Leigh. Stilgoe
(used to be Goodwin)
Studying American Studies.

For those who know me, how lucky are you? (I'm kidding)
And for those that don't, its nice to see you on my blog.
This blog was started up on a whim, a whim to start documenting my life.
A whim that I just so happen to love doing! 
I love writing down my feelings, my days and events. 
Its almost turned into a journal, except you don't get all my juicy secrets!
What isn't a secret, is that I love my husband!

Luke. Daniel. Stilgoe
Studying Forensic Accounting. 
He's a stud-muffin!

We have been married for a year now.
The best year of my life.
Its perfect. 

I hope you all say hello to me and are enjoying reading about my life.