Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Luke Stilgoe

Reasons I love this man:

One reason is that he rings me and asks if I can pick him after work, then proceeds to ask me to come early and keep him company... bless him! 
Another is that he has his crazy 5 minutes (actually we both do) which usually involve running around the house and wrestling with one another (until I get hurt and it's not funny anymore, luke you know its true!)
His wicked dance moves. You should see him go. 
The way he drives.. cautious carol comes out on the roads. Its adorable. 
I love the way he talks about the church. He is so knowledgeable (if that is spelt right).
And finally the way he looks after me. *gag* get over it. 

I am so glad I am married to this stud of a man. Always and forever sweetheart. 

During our alphabet date. In the middle of Primark. Only a man could..

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