Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dressing the bump #2!

Look at that belly! It is growing and growing! I love my bump, its a proper pregnant belly. I'm still in my skinny jeans in this photo however, I have had to use the belly bands once or twice. I definitely recommend! Who wouldn't love them? You can walk around with your trouser buttons undone and people are none the wiser! Errrr hello it's GENIUS! 

Spring is on the way! Apparently it is the last day of winter and I for one am looking forward to the warm spring air to start settling in. However winter hasn't quite finished annoying us all as it sent some snow this morning. Hurry up spring! We want daffodils! 

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  1. you bump is looking amazing!!! have you got a pregnancy pillow yet? i recommend the straight full body ones (I got mine from Argos) and it was amazing once bump gets bigger because it means you can sleep painlessly :D


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