Saturday, 19 March 2011

My day...

had its ups and downs.
This is me NOT moaning, its just being informative.

Ok, so the day started at 7.30 AM- not cool! I had to go to work to celebrate TGI FRIDAYs 25th Birthday, can I get a whoop whoop? Thing is, we had to be there for 9, and we didn't even start on time. Upside to this was that I did get another WOW badge, for being generally amazing. Ha! Downside to this (please don't judge, your going to think I'm a horrible person after this) we received 'birthday presents' from the company, these prizes could include: case of beer all the way up to a holiday. What did I get.. remember have an open mind... drum roll please...A £50 donation to a charity of my choice!! How anti-climactical. I was you could say, a little bit disappointed, it wasn't even for me, it was just nothing. How selfish I know but the thing is, someone actually won the holiday.... how flipping lucky. I decided however that I didn't start of with £50 so it's a nice gesture and is going to a better place (just to let you know, I'm saying it through a forced smile and gritted teeth.) Hmmm, so if any of you know of any good charities I could give it too, please let me know. And no, the charity of Luke and Vicky's own holiday doesn't count. Gutted.

Anyway, it gets worse, I came home to a really snotty email from my lecturer saying he still didn't understand my focus of my essay and that basically what I said/am doing has no direction to it. OKAY. Thing is, he told me my focus, my direction and what path to go down with this essay, and now he's saying he doesn't understand it? Please, give over already. What is your problem. It's exactly what you told me to do. So how can you not understand! Silly man. I have so much university work to do it's unreal, I really want easter break to hurry up. Oh, but even easter break, I have 4 essays to write and do exam prep. GO AWAY UNIVERSITY. 

And last downer of the day. Work. Friday nights are busy. And it's great, because your kept busy, you have a good time, you get tipped etc etc.

Tonight on the other hand was a bit of a let down again. I didn't get sat for 2 hours- which isn't works fault or anybodies, something was wrong in the kitchen with the hot lights, which made it extremely difficult for us to keep food warm for long periods of time. And when I did get tables, they were great, I had mainly couples, a young couple with a little girl, couple of guys and one mixed table. This table set me up to think I would get a banging tip, maybe not even a banging one, but at least something. They had about 6 cocktails each and 3 main meals. We had banter, we had a good time together, it was all good. There bill came to just about £130.. and what did they leave me. A big fat nothing. I served them for over 2 hours and nothing...seriously? Ahhh just get lost you drunkards.

Enough ranting .. or as I'm going to call it.. keeping you all informed about my goings on.

The highlight of my day was the sunshine that was shining throughout the afternoon and the big fat greasy fry up that me and Luke munched on for lunch. I do love a good English breakfast.

Here's a little something to make this post less bluggghhhh. 

Mitchell, my 11 year old brother

Connor, my nearly 18 year old brother

Ryan, my 14 year old brother.

Jolly old photobooth.

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