Monday, 14 March 2011

You can call me Lance Armstrong.

Yesterday, was a step forward for mankind.. well a step forward for me really.. mankind had nothing to do with it. I got back on a bicycle. Yes you heard it, Victoria Leigh Stilgoe got on a bike after at least 4 years. My parents would be so proud. It did come with hardships, and a bit of stressing but after my hissy fit, it was rather nice.
When I was younger, my parents use to make us go on family bike rides.. it was fun until I got to about 16 and I started seeing my friends out and about and there I was on a family bike ride... I know what your thinking, I shouldn't be so self conscious or embarrassed about my family.. ha I wasn't, I was just a teenager. So after a couple of 'discussions' with my parents, I use to stay home and watch the dogs.. YESSSS! I got out of biking, it wasn't my family that I hated, I hated cycling, it made my butt hurt, my legs hurt, I got all sweaty and muddy and basically, it wasn't for me. 
So when Luke said we should go on a bike ride, I was all up for it as I thought it may be different, maybe I had missed it just a little. 

I hadn't. 

  1. My first hill, I nearly died. 
  2. I nearly didn't stop when I was ploughing into the road- which I then hit a post instead (better than a car I suppose.)
  3. I don't understand the gear changing marlarky. 
  4. I couldn't stand up on the bike. 
  5. I didn't like going on roads.
  6. And Luke was stressing me out as he was telling me what to do, even though I couldn't do it. 

I can hear you all shouting, get over it you silly girl. I did okay. I finally calmed down and enjoyed the nice leisurely bike ride. I even stood up on the bike as I tackled a hill. Proud? Yes you could say that. 
We are even going to start going out on our bikes more, so that one day we can go on bike rides in the peak district or something. Nice huh?! 

See, it was fun after all. 

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  1. I would possibly have to be paid or forcibly persuaded to go on a bike ride. The closest I get is going on a bike in the gym. Does that count? Good job though.


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