Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"Do as i'm doing, follow follow me"

This is the little song we sang as we went on our little picnic in the park.
It was a beautiful day!
Sun was shining, we even had M&S food and perfect company.

This is our precious picnic basket we got for our wedding.

What a stud!

Hello my pretty.

The cute train that goes around the park.
How cool is this picture? He was awesome at it....

me on the other hand, was not!! Utter failure!

Mary poppins eat your heart out!

and again, I fail at this! 

Glorious day! 

Its days like this that make me love summer! 
Hope all you lovelies are enjoying the weather. 

I realised that I never wrote a post about our camping expedition, well my hubby did. 
If your interested that cruise on over to his blog..
Its a corker of a story! 
And lots more pretty pictures of us and the Peak District! 
Its right on our doorstep, who'd thought! 

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  1. You say Luke was awesome at his Superman & Mary Poppins impersonations, and you fail. I say, you are just better at the photography and happened to catch him at the right moment :) aha !! xx


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