Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This is a really sad post.

Guess what. We get our chest freezer tomorrow! woohooooooo!
If you have seen our freezer, you'd be excited too. Actually thats a lie, we don't have a freezer, we have a freezer drawer. THATS IT. It fits nothing of worth in it. We can barely buy frozen goods because we can't fit anything in. BUT. Some lovely people in our ward are getting rid of one and are kindly giving it to us. We can buy frozen foods, i've never been more excited.
This opens many doors to our food content.
I can buy frozen fruit for my lush smoothies- yes Bethan (she's my cousin-in-law, haha), i'm bringing them back!
Actual tubs of ice-cream rather than tiny tubs. You can imagine all the goodies we can buy.

I am trying to cut down on sugar, as i don't want my teeth falling out anytime soon.
Also, i've decided that me and Luke are going to start eating healthier, and with this chest freezer it will help for sure!

My dinner: Fishcakes and a mix of vegetables. Yum.

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