Friday, 1 July 2011

The lowdown.

A quick 1,2,3.
1. I ironed our bed sheets yesterday, for an hour and they still had creases! WHO IRONS BED SHEETS! (Not me again, thats for sure!)
2. I got beeped 3 times walking home from work yesterday. Do you men really think its attractive? Or are you all just idiots. Maybe its both. Yep definitely both.
3. I am on a diet. And this didn't start just because I watched embarrassing bodies yesterday night, and found out that Derby is the fattest city in England. I am not joining the crowd. No offence derby-knights!

So we are going camping again on sunday! Yay!
And this weekend.. I'm dressing up for work.. as its Independence Day on Monday, we at work are doing a dress up weekend. I'm dressing up as either a rapper or an American football player. I have never been so grateful for all my BYU get up I got in America. Haha.

Oooh ooh I had my bridal photos done on Monday, i'll put a few up when I get them! Thank you Meghan! Check her out! She's a beaut!

This is a bit of a lame post, but thought it had been a while. And you guys needed an update!

The only American football team I support.

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  1. that is funny. BYU is the only team I don't support.


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