Friday, 9 December 2011

Workout classes.

Don't you love them?!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to a pilates class with two girlfriends from church. I have only ever done pilates once and it wasn't like how I remembered it. It was hardcore! I've never thought my body had the strength it does.

Yep, this was me.
Ok I lie. 
It was super fun. And funny. I kept dropping my heels whenever we had to lift our legs in the year, it followed with a big thud and my breathing was off, and I kept giggling. The old man that taught us was so cute. He was at least 50. Bless him. 

Zumbaaaaaa was another class i've been to. It is wicked! Again, I kept giggling when I either saw myself in the mirror or Helen next to me, we were funny to watch. Just two girls shaking what our mama gave us! It is crazy how a bit of salsa and shaking actually leaves you feeling worked. It took me back to my dancing days! Totally going again! 

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