Friday, 13 January 2012

Pictures from the last 2 years with my iPhone

Back when we were dating

Matching Tees- Later he did....

THIS! The first picture of the ring! 

Wedding prep turn paint fight.

My brother ryan doing the DISHES?!!!!

What wedding decorating does to you.

Going crazy decorating

Our first event as a married couple

Our first halloween.

Our first christmas together. Our festive front door!

Pure concentration 

Our gingerbread house

After we moved into our new house.

He filled an easter egg with creme egg fondant. A GIANT creme egg! 

Hanging with the fishes

Trying not to laugh.

Poorly bird I found on the way home once. It was following me.

Bridal photos.
Taken by Meghan Levens (I cant find the watermarked ones, sorry meg!)

Wedding dress
(To Helen, I found these on my phone, hidden away in a folder. Enjoy!) 

The road ahead

The first fish I caught! Excuse the no make up look.

Fancy mocktails in a fancy hotel.

Celeb spotting

Hair playing.

I'm getting the new iPhone tomorrow. Yaaaaaaay! Ok, i know its old news now but ive been waiting till I can upgrade. so there.

Happy Weekend! 

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