Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dressing the bump.

With pregnancy comes the joys of clothing and fitting into your clothing.

Me at 20 weeks!

I'm quite lucky as at the moment I am still fitting into normal sized clothing. My jeans are beginning to get a little tight but I have purchased some belly bands (still not tested, but I have heard good things about them.) And i'm sure soon enough leggings will become my best friends. 

I have also purchased some baggy tops so my belly isn't all up in everyone's face, they skim over my growing bump which I prefer. 

The clothes I wear the most these days is my work uniform and I am still fitting into my pre-pregnancy shirts. I have got a couple sizes bigger as soon my belly will be breaking through the buttons ha! However, my apron doesn't want to stay across my bump and keeps slipping down as I walk.  I'm pretty certain my guests can't quite figure out if i'm just podgy or pregnant haha!  

Throughout this pregnancy so far, I have only had one major meltdown about clothing. It was right before we were going to a friends house for dinner and it ended up with me crying my eyes out about being 'fat and pregnant' and how I look like someone dressed to walk the dog, not go for a nice dinner with friends. I kicked shoes around, I flopped on the bed in a flood of tears and didn't know what to wear. 
Luke was trying to say the right things, but in these situations, nothing is the right thing to say. He was trying to pick some tops out for me and I was less than appreciative and continued throwing my strop. 

Finally, I pulled myself together and found something to wear in which I felt I looked okay in. 

Nowadays, I am getting used to dressing the bump and have realized you can't just throw anything on, or throw outfits together that you use to wear as HELLO YOU HAVE A BUMP TO FIT AROUND. 

I'm sure as I get bigger, there might be a few more tears about dressing myself but it'll be alright, i'm sure.  Luke already has a lot of patience with me, let's hope he has some more to give! 

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  1. It's no fun when you feel less than attractive! Glad you found something to wear eventually :)


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