Monday, 4 March 2013

Is that it?!

Its happened! We felt the baby move! whaaaaaaat?! (FYI: This post is about 2 weeks late!)

It was the tiniest little twitch right down in my belly.

We were lying in bed and I turned to Luke and said, "I think I can feel the baby!" His response, "Are you serious???" (Why is it thats all he seems to say.)
He quickly placed his hand on my lower tum and waited... and waited.... and waited some more. Until finally, "Is that it? Was that the baby?" YESSSS! It was!

We can't get enough of our little nugget moving and spinning around. We are eating it up! Keep it coming baby Stilgoe!

It was one of the best moments I have ever experienced... just to know that there is ACTUALLY a little someone growing inside of me.

In the last two weeks, it has been getting stronger, tiny little movements and kicks.

I can't wait to feel the baby's kicks get stronger and stronger. I'm sure i'll be fed up of it soon enough when it starts kicking through the night (I need my sleep baby!)

Pregnancy firsts are mind-blowing!

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