Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Big 3.

We have officially entered the third trimester (eek!)
I can't quite believe how quickly everything is going in this pregnancy, it feels like only the other day we were finding out we were pregnant and that we are having a girl. WHERE IS THIS TIME GOING?

With this trimester comes tiredness, dizziness, swollen feet and lots and lots of baby kicking.

I thought our little munchkin was a kicker before, geezzzzz. She's a right trooper now! Feels like she never stops! We have felt what we think are her knees or elbows and her hands/feet. Strangest sensation.

I'm pretty sure this trimester is going to be the most challenging. I think my body is going to feel completely not mine and is going to change more than ever.

I have been quite lucky with pregnancy thus far, but who knows what the next 11 weeks will bring.

I feel like I have a basketball shoved up my top all the time. Sometimes I forget i'm pregnant. Its usually when I first wake up and I feel almost normal... then... I roll over and this big belly follows me! Ha!

We are slowly but surely getting everything ready for her arrival because she'll be here before we know it.

It's all happening so quickly that I need to start thinking about birth plans, delivery and ultimately, life as a mother.

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