Friday, 11 February 2011

Can i get a boom chicka boom...

Da daaaaaa... my new job! :D
It will come to no surprise to some of you that my life is pretty easy, laid back, dull? At university this year I have 2 days of lectures and thats it! So out of a 7 day week, I have 5 free days. You would think it's pretty lucky but trust me, the novelty of it wears off, I am soon bored watching TV.. or cleaning the house (if push comes to shove, pahaha)

BUT! have no fear, that has all changed, in the space of a week, I have never been so busy or tired. And this is all down to the fact I have a new job. SO LONG DOMINOSSSSSSSSSSS! and hello TGI's!
We have had non stop training since last thursday, thats included 4 days classroom training and 4 day waitressing training in the nottingham store. I'm not going to lie, its been pretty fun.
My head is about ready to blow, it is filled with all sorts of nonsense that I will probably never need for another job (TGI's does it all differently), its filled with cocktail ingredients (that i will never probably have to make, let alone drink them) and my tummy is filled with all its delicious food :)

I do like this job much more than being a scrappy pizza girl. And to make it all better, yesterday at work, I got a badge! OH YES, be very excited, a badge means I did something very good. And believe me, it was good. Having never been a waitress before or even carried more than 2 plates, yesterday when I was following a waiter, who had been working at TGI's for 11 years (freak me!), I had to serve this couple, I have never in my life taken a food order consisting of more than a large pizza and sides. However this time, being very nervous and fluffing up my words a couple of times -the couple were really patient and nice to me- I did it, all by myself! I got their drinks, their food, checked to see if everything was okay, the normal stuff. The couple was so impressed with my service and ability they gave me a guest compliment and filled out the company survey about their experience.......... CHECK ME OUT! I was dead proud, and for my hard work, my managers gave me a badge!

I know your all jealous! 

I have now been filled with much more confidence in my ability to be a waitress and look forward to training being over so i can get my life back and start raking in the pennies i.e tips!

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