Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Education of 24.

After a month of for Christmas break, university has officially started back. And this semester, I am only in 2 days a week. I'm paying over £3000 pounds in tuition fees and am only in for 2 days! Seems ridiculous if you ask me, but hey ho thats how it works out sometimes.
This university semester I am going to be studying the 1930s, American TV in the 50s and 60s, American Youth Cinema and doing an independent interdisciplinary project. Sounds fun right? I am hoping it will be but so far, my lecturers voices are still boring and the lectures seem to go on for longer that they say they will. 3 hours of listening to an old man drone on about the 1930s is hard work. However, I'm going to be better this year in my work and organisational skills. I am a prone at leaving things for the last minute but not this time, this year my grades actually count to my degree and nobody wants to get a rubbish grade because of laziness. I am currently researching topics to do for my independent project, I've been researching things from Black and Italian people in New York City at the turn of the century (1900) to Ulysses Grant. Everything you can think of about American history, politics and society have been covered and I still can't get a topic I am that keen on.. it doesn't fill me with much hope. 
I have been in the library for nearly 5 hours, being bored (however I decided that only boring people get bored so I should do something more productive with my time, As I am certainly not boring!!), researching, reading, blogging, facebook stalking and much more. I am waiting for my lecture to start- honestly who starts a lecture at 5.30 in the evening, it's just harsh! 

On a side note: I am currently obsessed with 24... the show that is. It is simply amazing. I am addicted to it and I have even turn into one of those people who shouts at the TV and gives my dear husband my point of view on every event happening on the screen. Just give me some popcorn and I assure you it will probably be thrown at the TV. I believe it helps me in my American Studies degree. If only I could write about CTU, somehow though, I don't think it would go down well with my module leader at all. 

By the way, the people of America would be a lot better of if they just listened to Jack Bauer in the first place. He knows everything and it lets face it, He's the man. 

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  1. lol, some say we yanks do listen... well the people of 24 say that they are the reason we finally elected an african american president. apparently they "prepared" the american public for the idea. i think it's silly for them to take credit but oh well. maybe do a project on how hollywood affects social and political agendas or something like that. gossip girl has revolutionized our society... :)


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