Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Social Networking

I have just finished watching the film 'The Social Network'. And what did I do after it had finished? Checked facebook!

It gave very interesting insights to the facebook world especially behind closed doors. Who'd have thought that facebook was thought up by some greasy haired harvard computer geek, who in the process of creating it, had so many settlements to keep people quiet, how sneaky! I wouldn't have thought facebook would have agreed to let a film like this come out about them as it didn't show them in the best light did it?!

I can't even remember when I got facebook, it feels like I just woke up one day and had it. And now it's totally part of my life, I check it everyday, I have friend requests from people from high school and primary school and even people I have no idea who they are. If people want to contact you they can facebook you, what happened to picking up the phone and talking? It is so true that a common phrase used these days is "facebook me". People judge you on your profile pictures, statuses and who your mutual friends are. The ugly truth however is that many people don't even care about you personally, they just want to have another number added to their friends list.

So there we go. It is now integrated into our lives and many of us don't even remember how it got there. 

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