Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Love and throwing up.

Yes, it is quite a weird mixture... but yesterday and today has been a whole load of that.
Last night we had an awesome family night, we very rarely have planned family nights, as Luke gets home at 7pm and then by the time dinner is cooked and everything it is close to 8.30pm, and we like to go to bed early as we are old and boring okay! However, last night was different. I got home from university and planned our family night *shocker* I wanted to do something nice for Luke to come home to so I planned what we were going to eat, our activity and tidied up a bit. We had burritos and rice and a big fat slab of cake for dessert. We then sang a little hymn to start FHE (and we sounded lovely I might add). The lesson was just last week's sunday school lesson as I don't go into sunday school because i'm apostate.. no i'm kidding, its because i'm in nursery with my little babies. Then, we had the activity which was so cute.. you all might gag a little but we loved it, we both wrote down 10 definitions of what love is to us. awwwww I hear you all swoon and then shared them with one another.. I'm going to give you a little taster of what we both said..
I would upload the pictures we took during FHE, but i've lost my camera lead.. silly me! 
Love is when my husband kisses me all over my face.
Love is making me be on time.
Love is when my husband watches my 'girl' programmes with me (and loves them)
Love is when you dance with me in the kitchen.

Love is putting the other persons needs before your own.
Love is doing what is required.
Love is the mornings first kiss.
Love is bringing a smile to her face.

Isn't he the cutest?! Well hands off he's mine!

To make a long story short, we then finished watching despicable me after a little trip to asda and then hopped into bed and this is when the night became a nightmare.

I threw up in the early hours of the morning. Yup you heard it here first. Throwing it up.
It was disgusting as throwing up usually is.
To make it worse, I have never thrown up since being married to Luke and I was rather conscious that he could hear me- to be honest, downstairs could probably hear me with the amount of stuff coming up. But you don't need details. So I then got back into bed and have been there ever since till about 5pm tonight. This isn't a beautiful lay in, this is up and down for more sick and a painful stomach, these times though Luke was there to hold my hair and rub my back- now that's what I call love. Today I have thrown up about 4 times, and finally I think it has stopped, so I am now snuggled up on the sofa worrying about the essay I need to finish for tomorrow and if i'm even going to be making it out the flat, I called in sick at work today, that's how bad and ill I am.

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  1. you poor thing! throwing up is the worst! i hope you are feeling better!


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