Wednesday, 9 March 2011

tv lovin'

I have a confession.
I am a boxset-aholic. As in, I am a TV-aholic. Or an I love a sitcom-aholic. Whatever you want to call it.
I do not however, watch mindless TV... I don't watch shows that don't interest me and i don't watch shows  because i have nothing better to do. I only watch shows that get me 'hooked', but I seem to have a lot that get me 'hooked'.
Here's my latest run down of shows that I watch..

Pretty Little Liars


Gossip Girl

Desperate Housewives

Sex and the City


I love all these programmes. Well actually some of the Sex and the City episodes are way inappropriate so I don't watch those ones, and I havent actually seen Hellcats yet, but i want to, so if anyone has, let me know if it's good :) and do you know what's even better it's on Sidereel (as are all these programmes by the way), my beautiful website that lets me catch up on shows i've missed! Genius!

If you haven't seen these, you should, they are all brilliant. Even Luke watches some with me, and he loves them too. Oh talking about Luke, check out his blog :) he's a newbie!

So I am about to settle down with a bit of pretty little liars and do some research for my big university project. Why don't you join me?

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  1. i'm a tv addict too. :) just started watching traffic light with kris marshall. it's so funny, you should definitely watch it.


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