Saturday, 19 March 2011


I would love to say I have some really happy pictures of the glorious sunshine.. but I don't. I didn't see much of it, I've been in a restaurant all day that has no windows, and the only light coming in is from the shopping centre- lovely.

Anyway. These pictures have nothing to do with the post. There just happy and sunny!

Beautiful and sunny Tuscany. 

Isn't sunshine the best thing ever? I don't think one person could say that its bad. Everyone is always in a better mood when the sun is shining.
However, the funny thing I seem to find about english people and weather is when it snows, the whole country comes to a stand still. When it rains, we all moan about our wet clothes, ratty hair and how miserable it is. BUT! When its sunny, the whole of england whack their shorts on and go outside.. we forget though, that it is still March and it is still cold. It may look nice and warm. Its not.
We jump up and down the weather spectrum like no tomorrow. I love it! I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for sunshine. I know I'm going to be in a better mood if the sun is out (which I think Luke is happy about). I know that i'll be able to go outside and not wish I was inside. We can enjoy the parks and countryside without the grey skies overhead and wrapped up in all our glory. We can even put those sunglasses on, roll the windows done and blast music. Yeah I did that yesterday, and what?! Well I didn't put my sunglasses on, as I don't have any since I broke them, and I was in my winter coat... HAHA so you can imagine, it wasn't quite as classic as I would have hoped for.

I am hoping the sun has got its hat on tomorrow so me and hub can go out for either a walk, or another bike ride (oh save me now!)

Let me know about your Sunday plans. And have a great one!

Prom- I love it! and her actually!

This is sunshine. Sunny America. Good times with this girl!
Check her out. She's awesome! 


  1. Ah thanks for the shout out!! I miss you. I hope you are doing lovely :)

  2. actually kinda love you too !! :) xx


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