Friday, 4 March 2011

Six and half a dozen.

It's like Bishop Farrow said.. "the first 6 months of marriage you want to eat your partner, and the next 6 months, you wish you had." I love that! It is so funny. And not true, I don't think Luke would taste very nice... too much skin and bone.
Anyways. I'm side-tracking.
Its our 6 month anniversary today.. yippee! We made it, we are half way through a whole year. And guess what, we haven't killed each other yet, which is most certainly a good thing. The last 6 months have been the best. Honest. No word of a lie. Not even joking. t h e.b e s t!
He is the most sweetest, kindest, loving, funniest,annoying, irritating and fittest man I have ever met. (The last two are just a given, as aren't we all those things once in a while, me more so). You are fit Luke Daniel Stilgoe.
Thank you for the most wonderful evening, husband of mine. We had a fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant in Derby, and this being fancy as in you leave still hungry and you eat things called Amuse-Bouche. Swanky eh? We then came home and......... he massaged my aching legs and feet.. awhh what a trooper!
I am sorry for being bratty and stressed beforehand, but it definitely was the highlight of my day!
I love you.

And for all you people reading this and gagging. Bite me. Pahahaha I'm totally kidding.

Bring on the next 6 months with my little bunny, snuggles, honey-bunny-boo, thermometer.


  1. I wish that me & the husband has celebrated our 6 month anniversary. I guess you only celebrate months in the first year, so we've missed out on an excuse to go for a posh dinner!
    Happy anniversary.

  2. Aw thank you! :) Sorry about the random follow, just your little stories are very interesting.. i like to read about young marrieds. :)


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