Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tiffany & Co.

Hello beautiful! Yesterday, was the best day. EVER.
So it's my birthday next monday, everybody I expect cards and presents, just saying. Luke is a very good husband and usually spoils me rotten on any occasion. This one should be no different. Well as a good wife, I was cleaning yesterday, and stumbled across some photos that we had printed, and a thought crossed my mind about where our wedding photos were, they weren't in with the other photos, then I remembered that Luke had put them in our little photo box, so without thinking, I looked into the box and saw it. IT! YOU KNOW. IT! The little blue box, with a white ribbon.. every girl knows which one I am on about. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

He had bought me Tiffanys.
Tiffanys I tell you! OH. MY. GOSH! 

I ran out the room screaming and called my mum instantly. I felt so bad that I had found my birthday present. So after me and my mum talked out what I should do, I told him that I had found something, and well he was disappointed that I had found it but at least it was something I was going to love! So then, he decided that I should just get it now as I knew what I saw was Tiffany's, there was no escaping it. I faffed about opening, almost in tears and had this massive grin on my face, eeeeeeee I was so excited!!!
It was a beautiful heart necklace. Last year, 3 months into our relationship, Luke bought me a heart necklace and I have worn it ever since... he thought it was about time I had a proper one. A Tiffany's one to be precise! It is amazingly beautiful! I am in love with it almost as much as I am in love with him, (wow that's a mouthful!)


We also did face masks last night for our family night! How cute is he?!

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