Friday, 25 March 2011

Het waffel det.

haha that's how good my swedish is.. impressive right?!
Here, in the Stilgoe household, we love waffle day, its an excuse to eat loads of waffles. That's the rule, your only allowed to eat waffles all day. Well actually thats just the rule I made up. You can follow it if you like. In Sweden, they celebrate the day where the Virgin Mary first conceived, well I don't know if its exactly a celebration, merely a significant day. And they eat waffles for some reason, which Luke has explained to me, but as I don't know swedish, I can't explain it so I apologize... ask him if you want to know that much.
This morning we made waffles with strawberries and cream. Yum! We would have made our own waffles but none of you bought us the waffle maker we asked for from our wedding list.. so just saying.. its your fault.
Luke had whipped cream with his and I just had it runny. They were delicious. I love strawberries and cream. And waffles. So definitely a winning combination.
For lunch we had potato waffles and Nandos beans and grated cheese. Oh yeah. Nandos beans. Intrigued? Well it's baked beans, with Nandos sauce mixed in with it, and a bit of flaked chilli. It's not a very glamourous lunch but it is good. Luke has also taken some waffles with him to the university library, as you can see we take this day very seriously.

Excuse my morning face. Luke loves me. 

Some of you girls will be sad to hear this, but you know those wedges I bought and am basically in love with? Well they need to be returned. Sad times. They make my toes go a funny colour. And its not a normal colour, I tell you. So no point me keeping them and ruining my toes. I will try to find a bigger size, or a different wedge altogether. Say goodbye ladies. Its been emotional. 

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  1. Bad news about the wedges :( Wish I'd known about waffle day sooner!


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