Friday, 15 April 2011

We are deli ham people.

Yes, you heard it, deli ham. In the last couple of days, since my attack of sickness, I haven't been able to eat anything, apart from ice lollies- which are apparently good for you when sick. Who'd have thought!
Yesterday however, I was allowed bread. Oh yeah. With the tiniest amount of ham, as I was starving, and bread just wasn't going to cut it. However, not knowing whether I would even be able to keep it down, I was still on strict portions. We hit up sainsbury's and went to the deli, and bought some carvery ham. Boy is it good. I felt very posh getting my ham from the deli, rather than the big pack of ham from asda.
We repeated this today. I am getting my strength back slowly, and fresh air is doing me some good, not too much as I start to feel dizzy, but enough. We bought more crusty french bread and carvery ham. That's my lunch today, with some lettuce perhaps and some water. How very healthy of me.

I only thought posh people go to the deli section in the supermarkets, but we my friends, are breaking the mould.

Also, big news... one of my best friend's is getting married in like 3 weeks. You remember the one who i'm a bridesmaid for... yeah? Her!! Our beautiful Gen! Can't believe it's so soon! We are all trying to organize dress fittings etc and soon she'll be a married woman! Yay! So happy for her!

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