Thursday, 14 April 2011


I have food poisoning. Again. You heard it. Again. I have had food poisoning at least 3 times in my life. Once I even had to go to hospital because of it. I got it once from a birthday cake in spain.
I won't go into details but my poor little stomach is all empty, empty to the max. All i've been doing is drinking water, 7up, and rehydration solution (which tastes disgusting by the way) Blackcurrant flavour... my butt!
I can't go to work for 72 hours, and I have university work coming out of my ears. Not a good mix! On the other hand I do have the best husband ever, he looks after me ever so well. He's loving and caring. Even when I look like i've been dragged through a bush backwards and smell like rotting food. To be fair, I am always the ill one, and in 30 years time, he'll be use to it!
Wish me well!

On a happier note. We have hamsters! Yay! Two little dwarf hamsters! They are adorable! They are called Abercrombie and Jeffrey! Two boys!
Our little babies.
They are settling in but we haven't had a chance to hold them just yet, still nervous they'll bite us!
We do love them though!

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