Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ode to my Bed.

Oh bed of mine,
why are you so freakin' fine,
you have a big lush cover
for me and my significant other,
we adore you oh bed,
its a place I can rest my head,
you are my happy place
and give me one big smiling face.
Oh bed of mine.

I LOVE MY BED. Simple as.
I once wrote an ode to my bed in primary school, its not the same as the above one but its good to see I haven't changed my feelings for it.

I haven't slept in my own bed for like a week and a bit, I have been on a single mattress with sofa cushions on the floor at my parents. It was sufficient, and then last night I stayed over mine and Luke's friend's house while he went on YM's camp out. Which was fun, thank you Roses.
But it's nothing like your own bed, own covers, own pillows.. etc. Pure bliss.

I am looking forward to counting some sheep tonight, I am beat! ZZZZzzzzzzzzz!

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