Thursday, 12 May 2011

Car Sick.

Note. I hate my car right now. It is the bane of my life. I have been stranded in Northampton since last thursday, with two trips up to Derby for mine and Luke's exams and 3 shifts given away at work. If you've seen my facebook, I am fed up and sick of my car (see what I did there, clever I know). However, it will be fixed tomorrow hopefully.
On a better note.

My husband is awesome.

He is the most amazing man I know. 
I have enjoyed every minute of our marriage so far.
He is my rock. 

If you haven't guessed, we are apart. 
I am still in Northampton and he is back in Derby revising and working. 
Yes we are still in the honeymoon period of our marriage and so being apart is a big deal. I miss him a lot but what can you do when your car is broken. 

He is so scrumptious. And as my mum has been mocking me.. "He's so handsome". 

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