Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lazy day.

Everyday seems like a lazy day for me recently. But. Today is a really lazy day.
Husband has gone down South for a stag-do and left me all by myself. All I have to look forward to today is work, and lets be honest, its work, not the most exciting thing to do, even though its not the worst place to work, its actually quite fun.
I had to wake up this morning to drop him off at his friend's house so he could get a lift down, it was at a time that I do not know, 6am? Anyone else heard of that time?! It was crazy early.
However, me being me, I hopped straight back into bed until 12 o'clock and have only moved to go to the toilet, grab a doughnut, and my laptop and then jumped straight back into bed.
I feel like i'm being unproductive, which is probably because I am being unproductive.
I might hoover the house, give it a bit of a tidy around. Who knows. Luke's not here.. he he he he!

You'll be proud to hear, actually you probably won't as i've never mentioned it before. We all know I like to cook/bake. Thats no secret. However, I received my first order! You heard it, someone wants me to make them some cupcakes for a present for their mother. I have never been one to tell people about my cooking skills, or whatever, so I was surprised when hubby told me his friend from work wants me to make them for her. craaaaaaaazy girl! I am looking forward to it, should be interesting (to say the least.)
I will report back in a couple of weeks, with the finished products and whether she actually liked them. Wish me luck!

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  1. Love readin ur blog, i keep starting one & never seem to get around to adding to it! I wish 6am was early for me (rohan seems to love 5am at the moment) lol. I enjoy reading about Luke & Ur adventures together...thanks for sharing (thought u'd like to know) :)


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