Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Now for those who read my blog religiously (if any do haha), if you remember I once posted about exercise, for those that are new to my blog or you guys that have forgotten the post, check it out here.
Well, you know I said give me a treadmill and an air-conditioned gym? It happened.
Yesterday me and Luke signed up to the gym. Wahoooo! How exciting.
I feel pumped already, and we only went for an hour. It was our warm-up session. Break ourselves gently into the gym scene.
I'm so excited to get back to the gym, I felt so good when i was prepping for my wedding dress body, and now being married, I don't want to get fat or puffy. And for all of those people who are thinking 'your not fat in the slightest, get over yourself' Trust me, I could definitely use some toning and slimming.
We decided that we are going to go twice a week, minimum. Which is good, and it'll fit nicely into our schedules, we're even going to have gym dates with each other- how cute are we!

I'm looking forward to having Luke as my gym buddy, its always better to go to the gym with someone, gives you some motivation.

Watch this space. Us Stilgoes are getting fit.

Go team!

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