Saturday, 4 June 2011

Men of Britain.

Yes, I'm talking to you. 
A little word of warning. 
Now that it is summer and it's reached a massive 27 degrees (oh boy!) I do not understand why you feel it necessary to take your tops off in public. Not only does it make my eyes bleed just a little, I also don't want to see your flabby, hairy beer bellies and ugly tattoos. Also, the whole bright red face and arms and pale white bodies does not look good! 
Also, please do not ask if I want a piece of your pizza at 11pm when I'm walking home from work. I do not want some! Yes, this did happen to me last night, bless him. 

So if you could all do me a favour and stop this bizarre behaviour, I would much appreciate it! Us englishwomen, do not like it. 

Thanking you! 

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