Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Two turtledoves.

Don't you love afternoon naps. Me and husband have been taking afternoon naps recently, apart from the fact we start our naps at 7pm and last until 9pm. Anyone else see the problem? Exactly. We are then awake for the rest of the night. We then end up going to sleep at like 1/2am and then lay in bed till 11am. Not good. However, I love them, they are the best naps ever, falling asleep in what i'm wearing, totally zonked out on the bed. What a beautiful picture i'm painting for you. I'm very attractive when i sleep, as every girl is. Obviously!
Yesterday we went to explore the wonderous outdoors. We went for a walk up in Dovedale. It was beautiful and so much fun!
We had all our walking gear on, hiking boots and walking trousers. We looked hawwwt!

Check out our pictures.

Also, I love how tidying the house in our household turns into wrestling. I win every time though. Obviously! Pahahahaha! 

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  1. I love this and I love you. Lets do somehting together soon please! x x x - Gen


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