Thursday, 21 July 2011


I'm back... from my little break from blogging. It wasn't an intended break, it just happened that way. 
We go on holiday at the weekend, and are sooo excited! You can be jealous. Its okay. 
Anyway, its been a busy few weeks since I last blogged. 

We have been to a wedding. (Again.)
We have been to work. (Where I served Nigel Clough, no biggie.)
We have been to a friend's for dinner. 
We have been to church, 
We have had many dates. 
I did my cupcakes. And they were awesome. 
Nothing major has happened but its been fun. 
I am reading the Harry Potter series again. Saw the last film, it was brilliant, I teared up when fred died. 
We have been to the gym many times and we also have base tans for our holiday. 
Luke got new glasses. 
I have a new sexy sunhat. Its huge! 
And I can't think of any more pointless things to tell you. 
Its just an update. 
I will be back after the holiday to re-start properly. 

My to do list and check list is complete. I just need to double check everything is packed and the house is all nice and tidy for our return and its happy holidays to us! 

I hope you are all having lush holidays wherever you are. 
Lets hope this English weather picks up as it definitely does not feel like summer over here! 
Please excuse 1. My gross face 2. My gammy leg and 3. My work apron, it does not show my american footballer outfit to its true potential. 

My surprise Hubby got me for when i return home from work one night. You know what the big package is. Its CATH!

My cuppycakes! 

Our pizza date. Yes with delicious garlicky goodness.

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