Monday, 1 August 2011


I think the best way to describe our holiday is through pictures and a breakdown of our activities.
BTW. It was amazing!

Day one.
Our adventure started at 3 am friday morning. Which was easy than I thought.. we had three hours sleep but unlike usual, I was up at at em'. We had packed the night before and was ready within an hour. We loaded the car up and drove up to Manchester Airport. I was very excited, I was babbling away (Luke says its cute but I reckon he just says that to keep me happy.)
We got through security and booked in within 30 minutes, so there we were thinking we had to be 3 hours early for our flight because it will be busy or whatever, but instead we had breakfast at Frankie and Benny's (Traitor, I know) and looked round duty free, had fun in the massage chairs and then sat around.
Finally, our gate was opened and everyone, being the way English people are, started rushing to the terminal and waiting around the check- desk, like it somehow made a difference for how they were going to get on the plane. Come on people, the plane isn't going to leave without you, we all have assigned seats so its not a race to get them together or the best seats.
The flight was nice and easy, i'm not a huge fan of taking off/landing so I always get nervous at those parts, but other than that, we enjoyed the entertainment, had epic games of Bejeweled and ate okay-ish food. Funniest part of the journey was our window seat.

Yep, last row on the plane, no window. Good one Thomson. 
So at 1pm Dominican time, which is 5 hours behind. We arrived to SUNSHINE! It was so lush and breathtaking and nerve-racking. Being white, english and a tourist, its not the best thing to be alone, you stick out like a sore thumb! 
We met our transfer, a nice old man in his beat up bus. He tried to talk to us about everything we were driving past, but we didn't really understand him, we just nodded and said yes a lot. 
When we got to the hotel, it was a-mazing! It's so pretty and tropical. 
We checked in to our room and headed straight to the pool and watched the pool games the hotel crew put on every afternoon. It was super sunny and burning hot! It was lush. 
We then headed to dinner, which was a seafood buffet, i'm not the hugest fan of fish but Luke enjoyed it. 
Before we headed to bed, we went for a walk around the resort and along the beach. Very romantic. 
After being up for 24 hours we headed to bed around 8pm. Yes we are hardcore. 

The decoration we had in our room, we were confused about why they decorate the inside of the toilet. 

The beautiful fountain along the bridge to the beach.

The seafood casserole. 

Check out that view. Behind me. Not me. 

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