Saturday, 13 August 2011

No gracias!

I was doing this day by day. But all the activities really just run together over the next couple of days in the dominican. 

Husband fell asleep whilst reading. What a cutie pie!
On Sunday we spent the day chilling out by the beach and we went for a walk along the beach and then settled down next to a beach shack and read our scriptures together, seeing as we couldn't get to a church we thought it was the next best thing. It was so nice just relaxing. Especially in the sunshine and listening to the waves all day long. We even busted out the kayaks. I wasn't very good, surprise surprise, Husband was great! 
Then, on monday, we spent it by the pool. It may sound boring but it was just what we needed, a time to just chill. I think that this day was the day the burning really began. Once we had finished frying in the sun we popped over to the plaza for a gander. We saw a real tropical monkey and parrot. It was cool! 

We went jetskiing on tuesday and chilled again by the beach. Jetskiing was the bombdiggity! Seriously, it was wet and wild! Luke drove the jetski and I screamed on the back. It was amaze! 

Keep posted for our next crazy days filled with a paradise island and an interesting city tour! This holiday was fabulous! 

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