Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Didn't our first day just excite you for the rest of the week!

Day Two. 
We awoke nice and refreshed from our first day, we definitely enjoyed the air-conditioned room, it made the heat so much more bearable. We had lathered up with insect repellent and somehow I still got bitten. Never mind. We were still a bit drowsy and run-down from the excitement and travelling, we decided to just chill around the resort, sunbathe and go in the sea. I love the sea. It was so warm and a beautiful blue colour, none of this murky grey sea we get over here in England. You could see everything. I'm going to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about going in at first, I honestly thought I would get stung by a jelly fish. It was all I squealed when anything touched my foot.
Once we were sunned out, we went back to the room, got showered and changed, and thought we would go check out the little plaza they had in the resort area. We stayed in Playa Dorada, which is like a big complex of loads of resorts, so its like a safe zone for all the tourists. Our resort was called Bluebay Villas Doradas- I recommend.

However, as soon as we walked out the gates, this dominican man stopped us and started offering us a horse and carriage ride around the complex, he would show us the fruit plantations and take us to the flea market. Me and Luke had discussed previously that we would just say no and carry on walking. Oh how wrong we were, dominicans are hard people to say no to, they keep pushing and pushing until they've got you so caught, you just know you'll end up going on the ride. Luke was better at saying no. I, on the other hand, showed the tiniest amount of interest and the next second we were in the carriage saying yes. To be fair we haggled him down to a very cheap price, I don't think he was too happy about that, but Luke was now happier about going on it. Haggling is so big over there, you can haggle in any shop for anything. Crazy. We being English, weren't use to it. I felt like we were being cheeky all the time or I felt bad ha!

The funniest part of the carriage ride was when we left the safe-zone. I was freaked. We had said we would stay within the complex, so we don't get into any trouble/danger etc. And there we were leaving it! I was on high alert after that. We went to this little flea market, full of stalls selling the same stuff. As soon as we arrived we were dragged into someone's shop and bombarded with everything, t-shirts, paintings, statues and jewellery etc. We only went into two shops, and we got a bracelet each.. we probably paid way to much for them, but we did try and haggle. We got better as the week went on.
I felt very uncomfortable with all the men trying to get us to buy everything. We however soon got back into the carriage and headed home. It was an experience!

The last two photos are from the entertainment night, it was so cringe-worthy. They got a selection of couples to go on the stage and serenade their partner, that was cringey enough but then they had to re-sing the same song with a ton of ice in their mouth. It was funny to say the least. 

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