Thursday, 29 March 2012

because who doesn't love the colour mint...

I'm not usually one for outfit posts but I am in LOVE with the colour mint! I saw these jeans and I just had to have them. There so comfortable and such a great colour for spring/summer.
I find that you can wear lots of different colour palettes with it. It is a great base piece.

You can pair it with a plain white top tucked in with a colourful belt and sandals. This floral cardigan has elements of mint and coral in it and goes perfectly.
or wear it with a grey striped top and white pumps for a more relaxed look.
it's not pictured here but I wore these jeans on our date night last week and matched them with a black polka dot top with peter pan collar.

These jeans are so versatile. Who else is loving mint jeans this spring?!

Luke informed me last night that I will be receiving presents each day before my birthday so that when my actual birthday comes around, I would have received 21 little gifts.

How amazing is he!!

I made a joke that I wanted to get 21 birthday presents but I never actually thought he would do it!

I will keep you informed of the different things I receive!

Do you know what I tried yesterday? Vita Coco water. It was interesting. There's a big hype over it at the moment. So I thought it was going to be delicious, but I couldn't quite get my taste buds around it. Maybe it takes some time. Have any of you tried it? Its meant to be super healthy.

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  1. I couldn't get away with those jeans! But they look fabulous on you :D
    So sweet to get 21 presents! Do you reckon I can get Dave to give me 28 presents before my next birthday - hrrmmmm...
    Enjoy them and tell us what they are, I'm curious!


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