Wednesday, 28 March 2012

the sun has got his hat on...and i'm in the library.

I'm being naughty and writing a blog post instead of writing an essay. seriously, who wants to be stuck in the library when it is boiling hot outside? UMM not me thats for sure!
The sun has decided to come and play with us all in England this last week and it is fantastic. It makes me so excited to move out of the city. Oh, i didn't tell you, we are moving.. again.
however this time, we are moving into a little village on the outskirts of the city and we are finally getting a house. Unfortunately we aren't buying it, we are still only able to rent. (I look forward to 'one day'!!!)
It has a garden.
you heard it.
a garden.
Since we've been married we have only live in flats. you know, you sit there and you watch all the other people in their gardens thinking "I wish we had a garden, or at least some outside space." Major jealously over here to all you people with gardens. BUT. in two weeks time we will have moved and will be sat on boxes I'm sure in the garden. (boxes because we won't have unpacked yet or have any outside furniture.) And lets say we'll be bbq-ing it up, even if it is raining or cold because we will have a garden people!!

Also, a little side note for you guys. It is my birthday next wednesday. You have been given a weeks notice, I look forward to all my presents and cards. I'm turning the big 2-1. some of you will be reading this and going "aww your still a baby" but no I will be 21. It sounds so much older than 20. wahooo!

I'm sooooo excited. I don't know what i'm doing yet, luke isn't telling me. Secret plans are happening.

We are totally going to have a herb garden. or vegetable path. 

Yesterday we had dinner at our friends garden. How lush is this weather. 

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! good reading! i'll be visiting your new place soon i hope! i too am loving the sun! x


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