Monday, 17 September 2012

Lets Catch Up.

Its that time of year again. Summer has officially never come and its starting to turn a little more crisp. You have that smell of fresh paper, newly sharpened pencils and ink pens. Yes, you guessed it, its back to school time!! 

I start back a week today! Its my last semester before I graduate. AHHHHHHH how nerve-wracking! 

I found that summer never arrived in England, which sucked but otherwise it was quite a nice little summer. 
You all know we went to Sweden as our holiday but we had lots of fun closer to home. 

We stayed at Luke's parents down south for a couple of weeks. 
We celebrated our 2nd year wedding anniversary at the Paralympics- which was AH-MA-ZINGGG! They are definitely superhuman! 
We shopped at Bicester Village
We sent my brother on a mission. WE LOVE YOU CONNOR! 
I joined the gym and killed myself at gym classes. 
We played tennis and frisbee at the park. 
We camped like pros. 
Attended a wedding. 
We carbooted and thrifted vintage cameras. 
Got a new car! 
Hung out with friends. 
And much much more! 

But now its back to the grind. We are both in our last years of studying and have a heck loads ahead of us! 

I have currently given up with online enrollment as it froze on me twice for 10 minutes at a time. 

Whatever you are doing, whether its going back to school or working, I hope you enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to the autumnal weather settling in. 

This is my favourite time of year, you get halloween, thanksgiving, bonfire night and christmas all in a couple of months! YAY! 

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  1. You've had a busy Summer!!! All we did was move house and that took enough of our time! Where has Connor gone on his mission?


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