Monday, 21 January 2013

Hello little lemon drop!

Our baby is the size of a lemon, a beautiful little lemon. It is so exciting to see how the baby develops week by week (courtesy of what to expect iphone app).

The first couple of months were interesting but I am looking forward to the next few because i'm hopefully going to start getting a bump that doesn't look like i've just eaten too much over christmas. 

I am overwhelmed with different emotions at the moment, (my husband will tell you about all the fun he has been experiencing with my mood swings) one second i'm crying my eyes out over something stupid and the next i'm perfectly fine. The joys of pregnancy, right?! 

It is the strangest feeling, knowing that the next stage of my life is growing inside of me, not just that, but I am becoming a MOTHER?! Oh my life, saying that out loud gives me goosebumps- the good kind of course! It is so exciting knowing that we are becoming more than a couple, we are becoming a proper little family. 

All we need now, is a dog. But don't worry, thats next on my list.

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