Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Reasons not to feed the ducks.

We all hear those funny pregnancy moments, throwing up in a car park or supermarket, well seeing as I didn't have morning sickness, my moments were a little different. 

It all started with a simple walk to feed the ducks. 

There is a nice reservoir just across the village, about a 10 minute walk away from our house. We grabbed our bread and off we went. 

We feed the ducks or the swans which kept hogging it all. 

The next second I felt dizzy, I told Luke I needed to sit down and stumbled to the nearest thing to sit on, a dirty, damp log. 

I was blacking out. In which Luke replied, "Are you serious?!" --- ummmm no honey, i'm joking! DUH! 

It wasn't long until I was sprawled out across the long, stripping down my layers of clothing in the middle of feeding the stupid ducks! Really?! This was happening?! Fainting while feeding the ducks! 


Luckily, my eyes came into focus and we made it home with me being held up by Luke like an old lady. He did catch me when I started falling backwards. What a husband. 

No one told me how fun pregnancy symptoms could be. 

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