Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hot potato, hot potato!

We are working our way through the fruits and vegetables over here. I wish it was because i'm eating it all, i'm afraid chipsticks keep calling my name.

Our little cherub is the size of a SWEET POTATO! The cutest potato in the whole wide world!

It went from a turnip (which we were both confused about how big a turnip actually was, in Luke's head it was the size of a parsnip! My belly said otherwise! )

It is only a couple of weeks till our next scan which is so exciting! I love seeing our baby even if it does look like an alien invasion inside of me!

I realize there is no picture of the bump, I'm sorry but we keep taking them when I'm in my PJs, and belly is all out there in the open. I still need to get one where I look presentable! You may have seen it peeking out if you've seen me in the last week or so.

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