Wednesday, 13 March 2013


The most asked question in pregnancy... "Do you have any weird cravings??!"

and the most boring answer ever given... "Ummmm no not really."

and thats the end of that conversation.

The first 'craving', if you can call it that was salt&vinegar chipsticks. The ones from Sainsburys. It makes a difference.
I ate them by the bag full, a couple times a week.
and I would tell Luke off if he had any of my chipsticks.

I had to stop eating them or else the baby could come out looking like a giant chipstick. It was a hard decision but i'm now chipstick sober.

It has now moved onto Bacon potato skins + sour cream from work.
which is not a good thing. They are so good!
I want them all the time. I didn't even like sour cream before. Now, I love it!

As you can see, my cravings are super healthy. (Like they should be, there cravings! Who actually craves vegetables!)

But hey, i'm pregnant.. it's a good enough reason to eat rubbish.

Any excuse to pack on the pounds.

And to go with my 'cravings', another conversation that happens every so often.

"You are always eating!"

One of my managers at work has started noticing my eating habits aside from my obsession with bacon potato skins.

His exact words, "All you ever do is eat!", "Are you eating again?!", "Oh is this the first meal of the day?" "You probably can't hear me through all the grease your eating!"

Luckily, I know he's just being funny!

So, apparently all I ever do is eat, which is weird, as I feel like i'm never eating ;)  Pretty sure the kitchen at work have become accustom to me putting food through with all weird and wonderful extras and being like "Is that for you Vic?"  "Ummm yes, but its for the baby" haha!

I'll eat when I get to work with stuff that I have bought with me from home, which are MEANT to last me through my shifts. However, it doesn't. So after a couple of hours, yep, i'm hungry again! So I eat something else. and then its dinner time.

It's a vicious cycle which I really don't mind. Its a 'win win' situation in my eyes!

I'm just lucky that I am in a job where so many people care for me and the welfare of my baby! A pregnant girl couldn't ask for more than good friends and good food!

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