Tuesday, 12 March 2013


We are having a beautiful little girl! I can't believe it! I was so sure it was a boy but apparently my maternal instinct was off that day.

A week ago we went for our 20 week scan which is all very exciting but made me feel so nervous. I was worried that there would be something wrong and just had general jitters. And lets be honest, having a full bladder for the scan and being nervous, doesn't go well together.

We were seen promptly -which I always like.
I laid down on the bed and Luke held my hand, the sonographer explained that she would be quiet for the first part of the scan as she had to get certain measurements and for me not to worry.

What felt like 20 minutes of silence went by and I couldn't see a thing! I couldn't see the screen and I was being rotated and moved around like a rag doll. At one point my head was lowered down to the floor and my legs were up above. Not the most comfortable position. I was worried. She hadn't said anything. Something was wrong.

but no.

Just the little bebe being awkward. She eventually spoke and said she couldn't get the head measurements as the baby was nestled in and wouldn't move.

We went then sent on a little walk and told to eat something to make the baby move. I had a freddo and the baby loved it...she started moving around and the lady was able to get her measurements. Horray!


I felt like a ton of bricks had been removed from my chest. Everything was fine.

We told her we wanted to know the gender and she said she would have a look for us. And as if it was an everyday conversation, she said, "hm looks like your having a little girl"

Mine and Luke's face lit up with 1. confusion (it was a boy in our heads) and 2. delight! I said, are you sure? However, she couldn't say for definite as there not allowed to with girls. I guess if you don't see anything, it must be a girl. Lets hope it doesn't turn out to be a boy as it will be dressed in very nice dresses and tops!

A baby girl. Amazing.

My nanna had a girl first, my mum had me first and now i'm having a little girl first. It's like a tradition.

It's weird knowing that i'm having a daughter ... we have a daughter growing away in my belly. I'm so happy that we are going to have a girl. Girls are so cute to dress.

Bring it on baby girl.

She's the size of a spaghetti squash. (I love this fruit comparison thing- its the funniest!)


  1. Congratulations :D :D It's so exciting, that moment just before they tell you is surreal - it's the last moment where you don't know the gender! We loved seeing Isabelle and finding out, so much fun :D Hope your little girl keeps behaving for you and growing nicely :D Can't wait to meet Isabelle's 2nd cousin :D

  2. I remember this day for me, I was exactly the same (expecting a boy I mean). Was amazing and so excited.
    & you're right, they are too cute to dress.
    :) Hope all is going well.xx


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