Monday, 20 May 2013

Single digits.

These last 9 months are going quickly. So quickly that we are now in single digits before baby Stilgoe arrives. YES. SINGLE. DIGITS. Oh my life its going fast, but yet, I feel like it was a lifetime ago I took my 4 pregnancy tests. 

We are in full baby mode. We stayed up late last night organizing where things would go and planning all the last bits and bobs we still need to get. 

We've both been reading in our baby books that we need to have everything ready a MONTH before she arrives. I knew we had to get it all sorted but these weeks are just flying by. Its scaring me! 

It's getting more and more nerve wracking waiting for the baby but I know it'll be worth it!! 

Luckily I have a darling husband who keeps my head from blowing up from over-thinking and worrying about pointless things. He keeps telling me I'm a good pregnant lady, but I'm not so sure, haha!  I hope he's not lying to me. So thank you my love for keeping me level. 

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