Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A load of babble.

Ok, so I know it seriously looks like I have shoved a ball up my top. This t-shirt looks super long and my belly looks like its really high up. 

We are starting to get some sunshine over here and we are loving it. We were recently down at Luke's parents house for the bank holiday and enjoyed a very sunny picnic, in which we got completely burnt!! My poor forearms and tops of my knees were red raw!! Nowhere else was effected, it was the weirdest thing. (My knees are still a funny red colour now!)


Baby's due date is slowly creeping up on us and I am definitely noticing it. My body is loving it.  I have never felt such strong movements from her, some are quite painful but yet adorable, right? She drags her little body parts up and down my belly, she punches out and sticks out and she wiggles and twists. What is happening in there?! She is clearly running out of space! 
 I am getting up to wee at least 2-3 times a night.. glamourous I know. 
I've asked Luke if i've got the 'waddle' yet, in which he replies "no you're good, well actually, I haven't been paying attention really".
and my belly button... is now clearly visible in most of the tops I wear. It still grosses me out. 

 Pregnancy works wonders on your whole body, I can't quite believe how well women's bodies adapt to the change. 

It is a magical experience. 

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