Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Florence's favourites.

A few things florence loves at the moment

Florence at 8 months. 

(This is making nappy changes near impossible. Its about a 10 minute battle every change.) 
-Crawling, sometimes I just find her doing laps up and down the apartment. 
-Orange utensils from the kitchen, she drags them around with her whilst doing her laps. 
-Sleeping on you, she'll settle for next to you. If she has too. 
-Waking up at 6am. Every morning. 
-Yogurt! She cannot get enough. 
-Bath time with captain duck (pronounced "cap-i-tan, with an accent) and his sidekick.... we haven't thought of a name for him yet. 
 and Eating shoes. That have just been outside. oh the germs!

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