Thursday, 26 June 2014


At the beginning of this year, I read this blog post by 'In Honor of Design'. It made me think what my word of the year should be. As a new mum I could've chosen from hundreds, but I decided that embrace should be my word.

It is nearly July and I've been trying really hard to embrace every day. However, I am in no way perfect. Some days are harder than others. Some Most days I am still in my pyjamas at midday. Other days I only get changed when I know Luke is nearly home. And other days, I actually get dressed and leave the house by 11! My life is far from glamorous and its all down to a little munchkin that entered my life nearly a year ago.

I feel its so important to make every day count when you are raising a child. I know how easily she is influenced and watches every move I make.
Over the past months I've embraced motherhood, you don't get much choice once the baby is born but  you make a choice to be the best person you can be for them.

I have chosen to try and embrace every day. We go to the park, we see friends, we make the most of days at home, we make the most of church and most important we embrace one another as a family.

It is definitely hard having a husband that commutes to London every day. He is gone at 6.30 in the morning and returns home at 7pm. My husband embraces his duty as a father. He baths florence, feeds her before bed and lays her down to sleep. That is his time with her. And I know as a wife and a mother that I need to let him have his time with her.

It is so hard to forget that you need time as a couple as well rather than just being parents 24/7. Its not the easiest to find time but we make sure we always eat together and as we are TV boxset nerds we usually watch an episode of something together before all the other church, work and household commitments take over.

My word of the year is embrace and I am grateful now that I have a renewed desire to do just that.

Does anyone else have a word of the year? Or a mantra they are following? Let me know!

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  1. I think the summer is naturally when I want to start a new year. I have more energy and motivation that is for sure! I love your word. It is so good to remember how important our roles as mothers are and even when it is undervalued often by the world's standards, it is full of purpose and worth. Date nights definately help rejuvenate:) Thanks for visiting my blog and happy to find yours!


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