Thursday, 20 January 2011

I'm back.

Due to the lack on internet (until the 9th Feb!!!) , I haven't been able to keep you updated on everything thats going on.
So we've moved, we are now all settled in the new place, couple of boxes here and there to unpack but most of it is done :) I love it! Its so much bigger and warmer :) Which is the highlight of moving.
I also got a new job, let me hear you say whoop whoop! I can finally leave Dominos. Yes, I am a pizza girl and not proud of it! I have waited so long to find a new job so yay me! Okay so it's still in the food industry but its more the service side than preparation side. I am the newest employee of TGI FRIDAYS! Oh yeah! Well actually, its a brand new restaurant so there are tons other newbies but still new job baby! :D I haven't started yet, waiting for training to start but am looking forward to it! It should be fun!

Now to the big thing of the week... our car has broken! Euggggghhhh how annoying! If paying out for a new place wasn't enough, the car had to break on the day of the move didn't it?! Well, we did take it to a local garage, who basically..... ripped us off! Apparently fixing a couple of things would have cost over £400! Freak me! BUT! Don't worry we came up with a better plan.

My baby.. Euon! (Yes the car is a boy)

Today I was towed from Derby to Northampton, thats over 60 miles! By my dad! It was to say the least, not my best experience. Okay I'm lying, it was horrible! I was a mess and Luke was at university so I was on my own. The brake went half way through the journey, so that left me with ummm the handbrake. We ran out of petrol, the battery died so none of my lights or anything was working. I was crying and shouting at the car and I seriously think I have whiplash! However, 3 hours later after avoiding every motorway possible we arrived, and the trusted family mechanic said that it would not cost us £400 odd pounds, more like £100! Hallelujah. So the horrible journey was worth it. It just left me with stress levels out of this world, hands stiff from the lack of power steering and the freezing temperatures and finally a major backache!

If I didn't get car sick before, I definitely will now!


  1. you poor thing that sounded horrible! glad you made it back safely and congrats on the new job!


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