Monday, 10 January 2011

I Do!

We have all hopefully settled into the New Year by now and have stopped writing 2010 on all our letters, university work and lists. This New Year has started off with a massive boom. A boom of engagements!
Excuse my face, just after Luke proposed.

We all know as mormons that every year is a wedding year, but seeing as it is now my generation getting married, it starts to hit home just how many of my friends will be joining the marrieds club this year. How exciting. The year I got married there were at least 10 + weddings that year, yes, of people me and Luke knew. Crazy right.
Its only January and already loads of people are popping the question. Out of mine and Luke's friends there are 7 weddings happening.. WOW! I am a bridesmaid in one of them! The saying is always a bridesmaid never a bride right? Well I was never a bridesmaid and first a bride (I always did like to be different) So my time has finally come to be a bridesmaid for one of my besties :) I canny wait! I love weddings! I get all excited and mushy. You'd think I would be jealous of all these weddings but I'm not, okay well just a little. Only because they get to do the whole planning and looking for dresses, I know... I've already done it but I'd love to do it again- still having Luke as my husband and still having my dress, because it is gorgeous and I love it and no-ones dress will beat it. ha!
Pronovias Genova
The only dress for me!

But, I'm more excited for them, these are some of the people I have grew up with and I'm so happy for them! All these couples will soon be together forever.. eeek! :) Hope they made the right choice, ey!
I would like to say good luck to all the future Brides and Grooms...2011 will be the best year for you, just like 2010 was the best for me.
Sealed for time and all eternity.

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