Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Life in boxes.

Who hates packing? Meeeeeeee! I think it may just be the most tedious job ever. It doesn't help when you are a big believer in procrastination. It's one of my favourite past times. 

The week I moved to university a year ago, I left most of it to the night before, much to my mother's annoyance. I just don't have any willpower to pack. This move is no different, apart from the fact I'm doing it on my own. Luke has exams this week so therefore I played the "I am an amazing wife" card and said he didn't need to worry as I would do it all. HA! I don't think I gave much thought to packing away a whole house. Its okay though, as I have started, we have boxes all over the place but as I keep telling Luke I am on holiday! I still have a week and a half left before I go back to University. Packing is not my first choice of recreation. BUT. I am doing it! Slowly but it will get done! We don't have much stuff.. well Luke doesn't. Me on the other hand, it would probably take me a couple of days just to pack my clothes/shoes into suitcases. 

I am looking forward to the move though. Where we live now is great, if you like being cold most of the time. Its a beaut of a house, just the windows are the bane of my life. Draughts galore. After Luke living there for 6 months and me 4 months, it was time to move. Luckily we found a great flat really quickly. Its top floor, so no excuse for us to be fat with that workout everyday and its very modern and warm... Hello double glazing! I am looking forward to moving into the flat, its just the before bit I'm not a huge fan about. 

Wish me luck as I also have to clean the whole place too. And I believe my family would testify that I was never a cleaner at home but now that I am a housewife I have learned to be better :) One day I will have a housekeeper and they will do everything, it may be my mother when she is old and senile but don't worry I will pay her! Ha ha! 

Better get packing, the house is not going to pack themselves, even though that would be an amazing thing if that was possible, if only magic was real...

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  1. moving is a rather tedious past time. what a nice wifey to do all the packing! luke better give you a massage when it's all done!


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