Thursday, 24 March 2011


I know what you are all thinking, but no I am not going to be talking about wedgies. phew you all say, you can relax!
I am going to be talking about these beauties.
Ooooooo... aaaahhhhh... 

Pretty sexy right. 
I have been looking for some wedges for about the last month.. do you know that I have never owned a pair of wedges, always heels. What a monumental moment for me. 
I tried some on in many shops but stupid abnormally skinny feet just slip around and they look all clumpy, big and gross. But these babies, fit perfectly. And how cute are they. They are going to look great during spring/summer. 
Luke is okay about me buying them as I bought him some tops yesterday via H&Ms website. Thats the rule apparently, I buy something and he gets something too... as you can guess, he made up that rule. 
I am quite bad when it comes to shopping but as of recently, well since being married and having to manage my money in a more grown-up-kind-of-way, I have become better, which is great as me and Luke don't have to stress over money as much as we may have done if I was a shopaholic. 
And it's also not a good thing that I work in a shopping centre but alas, I am quite restrained. For now... and hopefully forever. 

I do love a good shop and especially new shoes. Happy Victoria! 

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